Domestic Maintenance

Blockage (Sewage)

Even if your drain’s only partly blocked, it can cause problems. Unpleasant odours, slow draining sinks and baths, overly full toilets… And if it’s fully blocked, the room’s completely out of order.

Blocked drains can be caused by many things. Tree roots, damage from excavations, too much toilet paper, sand in the lines… But no matter what the cause, Ridgewater Plumbing has the fix.

Gas Appliance Instillations

If you’re about to install a new gas appliance, it pays to get a licensed plumber to install it. Not only will you be assured that your new appliance is installed correctly, but as licensed plumbers we can confidently ensure the quality.

Bathroom renovations

With the best in bath design for the ultimate in relaxation.  Ridgewater Plumbing can help show you the best in modern baths, bring the new bath to your door, install it, and even take the old bath away.

Guttering and spouting

Leaking roofs and gutters can happen at any time and can cause large amounts of damage to your property. If you notice a leak call us as soon as possible as the extent of the damage can be much worse than visible to you inside your home.

Hot Water System change overs

With Ridgewater Plumbing you get fast, friendly hot water repair and same-day emergency replacement. Of course, we do a lot more than just fix or replace broken hot water units. Perhaps your family has outgrown your old hot water system. Or you’re finding it too expensive. Or you simply need the temperature turned down now that you have a toddler in the house.
Whatever you need, if it’s hot-water related, we can do it. From simple repairs of faulty pilot lights and corroded anodes, to complete replacements, right through to free advice on the most cost-effective hot water system for your family and floor-plan.

Detection of water leaks

If you have a leak or just having difficulty turning on or off one of your water appliances then you have come to the right place. Our professional and friendly service will insure a quality fix using the latest technologies the first time every time.

Gas leaks and repairs

When it comes to gas leaks you should not mess around, not only can it be very expensive but it can also be life threatening. If you can smell gas or having trouble with any of your gas appliances, call us immediately and we will quickly come around and assess the situation.

Sewage dig-ups and repairs

For broken sewer pipes, drain pipes and storm water drains, Ridgewater Plumbing are the Melbourne plumbers to call.  If have unexplained patches of wet earth, forming on your front or back lawn a damaged drain pipe might be the cause.  Damaged drainage systems can be hazardous to your home. If in doubt, call us immediately.

Tap repairs (leaking washers)

In the event of a tap washer break, which can easily happen at any time, then you may not be able to turn your tap off, which can result in the need for an emergency fix. The first step is to turn the water off at the mains and then give us a call and we will quickly respond to the problem.

Water service renewals

If you are in need of renewing the water service, let us know. We have the professionals to handle the hassle behalf of you.

Toilet change overs and repairs

With a range of the latest toilet designs, with more effective flushing, and water saving options too; Ridgewater Plumbing can help with both the supply, professional installation and repairs of all your toilet needs.


Plumbers who understand the needs of owners, agents, landlords and tenants
If you’re a landlord or a property manager, it’s important to have reliable access to an intuitive, well-prepared plumber that can arrive on time, when needed, and sort issues out quickly and affordably.

A Complete End-to-End Solution for Plumbing Maintenance

Emergency after-hours availability.
Our plumbers are friendly and respectful of tenants and their property.
We assign every job with an individual job number so the work can be tracked and expedited.
We’ll coordinate bookings with your tenant to organise a time that works for them.
Property manager or landlord is kept in the loop regarding job progress.
Resolution of problems quickly and efciently with a minimum of fuss.
We’ll contact you to let you know that the job has been completed.
Timely invoicing and payment method.

Our rental property maintenance services include:
Hot water service repair, installation and replacement
Blocked drains / waste or storm water drainage problems
Toilet repairs and maintenance
Heater repair and installation
Gas repair and installation
Roof leaks, repairs and guttering
Emergency Plumbing
Leaking or faulty taps

Ridgewater Maintenance has been in the industry for over 15 years and we have a longstanding reputation in providing quality plumbing maintenance service at a competitive price.

Installing, fixing, repairing & maintenance – we do it all!
By working for plenty of clients over the years, we have built up an excellent skill set to tackle any domestic Plumbing proble. Or master plumbers can also help with:

Checking gas heaters for dangerous carbon monoxide emissions.
Servicing appliances (electrical, gas, water).
Energy saving advice (sustainable living, green energy).
Renovations for your laundry, kitchen or bathroom.
Scheduled maintenance for rental properties/estates.
Water conservation tactics – how you can capture rainwater for use in a garden, laundry or toilet.

Plumbing service for landlords, agents and body corporate maintenance
We have a consultative approach, working closely with you to ensure your needs are met at each stage of the maintenance. Our tradesmen call to confirm appointments and have a focus on quick turn around times.

Ridgewater Maintenance provides a reliable, efficient and well-organized service for all your rental property plumbing maintenance needs. Need plumbing maintenance? Contact Us.